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Monday, January 4, 2010

Uber frustrated!

Yep, I said uber. No, I don't know what it means, but I *think* it's along the lines of "super duper" and I am DEFINTITELY super duper frustrated. Not to be confused with the annoying purple dinosaur who would say "super dee duper" frustrated...

If you're a fellow facebooker you may remember that last summer we had some plumbing issues, a few days before my inlaws were supposed to come visit. The symtoms were gurgling bubbling toilet water and drainage/sewage backing up into the bathtubs and showers... pretty nasty. The result, the plumber came out, tore up a section of our front yard and told us that a pipe had been pushed lower in one area then it should have... so they raised the pipe and all was well. Until this morning that is, I was in the kitchen with the boys and I heard a gurgling noise... now Aidan had just returned from the bathroom so I thought maybe that was the problem... but no as I rounded the corner and continued down the hallway the smell from last summer assulted my nose. And as I stood at the entrance to the bathroom I could see large bubbles in the toilet water, much like watching a pot of water boiling on the stove...

Several thoughts ran through my mind... Why me? Why now? This stinks (yes, literally too)! I thought they fixed this last year, why is it happening again? Don't I have enough on my plate at the moment? For crying out loud!

Called the plumber... they can't get out until tomorrow morning. Awesome. Just awesome. So I guess until then we hope nothing *worse* happens and I light about a zillion candles. Have I mentioned how AWESOME I think this is. UGH!!!

So... plumber came out this morning, and left about 30 minutes ago. Of course, the toilets were behaving normally then. Ladies, reminds me of when your car is making a noise, but doesn't ever make that noise for your husband or the mechanic.... As I sit here typing this (the office is right across from the guest bath) I can hear the toilet gurgling... and this is my life. I need a vacation! Anyone want to buy me a ticket to a remote island somewhere that doesn't have plumbing issues! ?

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