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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Aidan's favorites Summer 2010

Part of "summer school" 2010, Aidan was intervewed and had to fill in the blanks for the following questions:

My favorite color is: Aquamarine
My favorite animal is: San Jose
My favorite movie is: Star wars
My favorite restaurant is: Jaguar
My favorite superhero is: Luke skywalker
My favorite day of the week is: thursday
My favorite sport is: football
My favorite season is: winter
My favorite dessert is: ice cream
My favorite book is: curious George
My favorite Bible verse is: Genesis 1:1
My favorite story in the Bible is: Jesus (feeds people with the fish and bread)
My favorite song is: c-130
My favorite relative is: Vlad
My favorite friend is: Quincy
My favorite game is: Bibleopoly
My favorite chore is: make bed

Friday, July 23, 2010

Aidan finds out he is going to Ben Lippen

So... when we finally made a decision (and Oh, what a process THAT was) on where Aidan would be attending school this year we didn't tell him. For starters, it really looked like he would be attending the public elementary school right behind our house, secondly he really knew we wanted him to go to Ben Lippen, and more importantly WHY we wanted him at Ben Lippen, and finally HE saw both schools, meet teachers/principals at both schools, and HIS preference was also Ben Lippen. So, while we were racking our brains on how to finance a private school tuition in addition to an international adoption, Aidan was busy praying. EVERY night during our family devotions he'd pray something along the lines of "......and God I really want to go to Ben Lippen, I know they will teach me the truth, and I really like Mrs. F. I really want to go there, but God I want you to do your will and help me be happy even if I have to go to LM. Amen"

So, when Darren and I found a creative way to make it work, I ordered Aidan's uniforms without telling him. We wanted him to continue praying, and we wanted him to be surprised when he opened his package of uniforms, and get to enjoy watching the information sink in, that he does in fact, get to go to Ben Lippen.

So... for your viewing pleasure. One VERY excited young man.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Aidan's list of "to do's" before school starts

Today during Aidan's "summer school" time I had him make a list of things he wants to do before school starts. I had him number a list 1-12 and then he was responsible for thinking of 12 special things he'd like to do in the next 6 weeks. That averages about 2 special activities a week. And, after expecting his list once he was finished some of his items can be combined, or we can do at the same time. Of course all of this has to be accomplished in addition to 3.5 weeks of remaining swimming lessons and 5 weeks of remaining t-ball/baseball and another week long basketball camp. Oh and of course the shopping trip that Aidan can't WAIT to go on. He won't need much, just new shoes, I will never again buy velcro, they don't stay sticky, a backpack, we've made a deal, I'll pick the brand and he gets to pick the color, and of course the supply list we'll get from the school. Did I mention he is excited about this shopping trip? Did I mention this shopping trip will likely make me cry? And I don't even want to imagine how I will get by on the first day of school... I will be a mess for sure.

Anyway, without further ado: Here are the 12 things we'll be up to in the next 6 weeks. I'm sure some will make it onto the blog. =)

1. Go bowling
2. Go to Frankies (Arcade and Go cart place)
3.Go on family bike ride (this means mom pulling boys in kid cart)
4. Eating pizza on blanket and watching a movie in the playroom
5. Go to zoo
6. Family game night
7. Play trasure hunt and hind a treasure outside
8. Go to pirate ship park
9. Go on a picnic
10. Go on a walk (around the neighborhood)
11. Go to San Jose (his favorite Mexican restaurant)
12. Go to the beach

So there you have it. And can I just say, I am looking forward to each of the activities he has picked out! And happy that they are quite budget friendly too, an added bonus. =)

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Football Camp 2010

So, adding to our summer activities is Aidan's second 1/2 day Sports Camp. Last week was Basketball, and this week it's football. That's in addition to Asher playing t-ball through the YMCA and Aidan playing his first year of coach pitch through the YMCA. AND in addition to their first year of swimming lessons which start this Saturday afternoon. Here are some of my favorite shots so far. More to come...

And then just for sweetness sake... the boys reading together at bedtime after a much needed bath from a day in the sun and sweat. Love my boys!!! 

Monday, May 24, 2010

Ha Ha Ha

"And thus, dear students, we have arrived at the  formula for understanding women".

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Strawberries and Baseball

So we went on our second, and last (boo) trip to the Strawberry farm Saturday morning after the gym. It wasn't nearly as much fun this time, as it was HOT, the bugs were out, 1/2 of the berries that were still there were rotten, and the good berries were much harder to find... BUT we still came away with three HUGE basket fulls, a few cute pictures, and the berries are WONDERFUL! Next up is Blueberry season! =)

Baseball to be added at a later time.

My 28th birthday.

Am I really almost 30?!?!? Do I really have an 8, 6 and almost 3 year old?!?!? Have Darren and I really been married almost 8 years, and together almost 11? WHERE, seriously, WHERE does the time go?
This last Friday was my birthday, and it was by far the best yet. Got up and found my sweet husband had left me a birthday message on the whiteboard in the kitchen. Cooked breakfast and when I opened the cabinets was surprised to find hidden balloons inside. Went to the gym with the boys, got a great workout in, came home, and was greeted with a beautiful bouquet of flowers that had been delivered. Played with the kids, then when Darren came home he fired up the grill to cook my favorite Salmon, which was DELICIOUS! Then we strapped the boys to the back of my bike and I hauled all 79lbs through the neighborhood and up to the elementary school-I was a sweaty mess, but it was great fun just being together outdoors. In lieu of a cake, once home from the bike ride, we drove to a nearby gelatto place and got the boys gelatto and I had a decaf skinny white mocha. Ahhhh, perfection.

Do I look as old as my kids say I am???

Enjoying Aidan and Asher watching the frog they named "Daniel" swim around the swimming pool, while my salmon is on the grill.

Since I opted not to have a cake I had to blow out the scented candle, good thing, 25 less lights to blow out.
And I got a new book to read, yay! Please ignore my incredibly messy/chaotic kitchen.

Playing ring around the rosey with Asher and the Oh Ah's before heading out for a bike ride.

Getting ready to go... oh, and the neighbor kid..... um, yea.

The boys enjoying their gelatto!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Strawberry Farm

We went to pick Strawberry's a while ago. Actually, we went the first half of V's birthday, before the cake and balloon release. The boys throughly enjoyed themselves, did a great job picking and being gentle with the berries. We spent $20.00 and got two HUGE basket fulls (had to pay for the basket's, but it will make it cheaper next time as we can take them back and re-use) and also bought an enormous (and DELICIOUS) homemade strawberry fritter. Our berries lasted a whole week-not cause they went bad, but because they were SO good, and I'd much rather my little bottomless pits snack on fresh fruit then graham crackers or popcorn. 

Pictures from our trip to the farm

 Daddy with the boys

The strawberry's went on FOREVER

Picking with the boys

They did such a good job! 

Aidan being Mr. Independent.

Mmmm.... look at those berries! Good job Aidan.

Aidan and Daddy

Asher and Mommy

Asher and Mommy working together.

Back at home enjoying our delicious Strawberry fritter before V's birthday festivities.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Swagger Wagon

I will never look at my mini-van the same way again... too too funny.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Pictures Thursday-mama & son getaway


After the Beach
Back at the hotel, before bath and movie... 
End of a great day!

Pictures from our mama-son getaway-Wednesday.

The Hotel- we stayed in a Hilton Homewood Suites, and it was WONDERFUL! I would recommend it in a heartbeat. Clean, spacious, and worth the extra money when your a germaphobe and want to cook your own food in effort to healthy, and 2. not spend tons of money eating out.

The kitchen and eating area

Living area-my retreat after the boys fell asleep.

Bedroom, two queens. 

Wednesday evening, I'd just told the boys we were going to the beach in the morning. They were happy eh?

Laughing all night long at the Chipmunks sequel.

Out! This shot cracks me up. Look at the position they're both in, it is almost completely identical. Arms bent, other arm over their head, head's at an angle, mouths open... Their daddy's boys for sure! ;)