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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Football and Cirque Du Soleil and other stuff

So... Darren's crazy schedule is over, his car (that a deer took out) is fixed, we're waiting to hear back from Omni Pod - they're running diagnostic tests on the pod that malfunctioned and sent Aidan to the hospital at the end of October. Asher's speech therapy is finished. We're halfway through the school year which is hard to believe. We had to resend our Visa application, but hopefully will be getting our passports and Visa's back shortly. We are now members of the church we've been attending for the last year, what a wonderful feeling to have a place to call home, and friends to call family! We're going to Florida for Thanksgiving, Aidan plays football through the middle of January, he also has several singing commitments around Christmas being in the children's choir at church. Darren's mom is flying out January 11th, the Monday before we leave for Russia, it's all right around the corner.

I could write forever now that I have a bit of normalcy and a schedule back to my day, but won't because I need to sleep. So for now, yes, I'm alive, just busy... and blessed.

Enjoy some pictures from our recent "doings" and if I don't post again beforehand, Happy Thanksgiving!

First game, November 14, 2009. Go Eagles!!!

Asher and his "Ooh ah" cheering for bubbie on the sidelines.

Second game. November 21, 2009. What a difference a week made, Aidan did so much better focusing on the ball and understanding the concept of the game (follow the guy with the ball).
Even though it was FREEZING!!!

Told ya it was COLD!!!
(Okay, so the snow is photo-shopped, but it was really really COLD)

Silly Asher. This photo cracks me up - does a good job of portraying his personality.

We took the boys to Cirque Du Soleil (I may eventually get around to blogging about this) it was AMAZING!!!!!!!!!! Asher sat still for the majority of the 2 hour show. He laughed at the clowns and was in awe of the high bar guys during the finale! We had a wonderful time and hope that Cir comes through South Carolina again soon!
Darren and the boys in front of the Cirque trailer.

Me and the boys in front of the Cirque trailer.

The end.

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