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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Pictures and such around here

Some pictures of what we've been up to around here lately. You may remember last year we painted a similar bird house for our tree out front... it has since been demolished by the wind and rain. However, the boys wanted to make another one and we reinforced it with special glue. We figured we'd all paint one side and then send it to V for his birthday. They have a HUGE play area with lots of trees that it *could* be hung on. 

We got our USCIS, which is now just CIS approval in the mail. Here's me reading it, and explaining it to the boys. 

The boys with their new pool.

I mentioned in the last post that we have annoying birds that like to start singing as early as 4am... Here's one of them... the beauty of it ALMOST makes it bearable. Or not.even.close. I am SO NOT a morning person, please pretty little early bird, go sing somewhere else.

The wreath I made from goodies found at a Michael's bargain sale. Altogether it was right under $10.00. Works for me, and noone else will have one like it. 

We had to delay our planting of flowers as the weather went back and forth on us. And then of course as soon as it was warm again, Darren's work schedule was hectic so... anyway, here is us planting a few of the flowers we've got planted in just a tiny little section. I'm hoping we'll get the rest finished this weekend. I'll post a finished picture if we do.

So glad that the sun seems to be sticking around and the weather is warm enough to be outside again! Glad the school year is almost over and I'll have the summer to be with the boys. Thankful for family time and enjoying the simple things in life. More pictures to come in the days ahead! Hope you're enjoying your Spring!

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  1. I'm doing catch up on photos and posting as well. I figure better late than never! I so wish we were in pool/planting mode here...we had 70ish temps last weekend, today it isn't supposed to get up past 45 and yesterday we had snow flurries! I love the bird feeder idea - I bet they are thrilled!