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Tuesday, April 13, 2010


And then my vacuum cleaner went kapooey!

The week before last was spent running around like crazy people preparing for Darren's "deployment". We gathered all adoption documents, made all necessary arrangements to pick them up, etc.. so that I could put them in the mail last week. Cleaned the house, had everything put together for a week of school, got V's package ready to ship, packed Darren's bags, made travel arrangements for the boys and myself for our mini-vacation to the beach, finished up some landscaping and planting projects.... Whew! But we got it all done so that I could relax and not have to worry about anything while Darren was gone. Or so we thought...

And don't feel bad for me, I can't help but laugh out loud as I type this, it's so ridiculous it HAS to be real...

Well, first the mail carriers we've used to send packages to the orphanage in the past no longer deliver to the city V is in... because of the economy they have cut back on remote deliveries. Great, fine, we'll send to our facilitator who has agreed to send it onto the orphanage for us. Next, Aidan used to much toilet paper and I was dealing with not one, but two clogged toilets. Yes two, see he started in one, and then went to the other to "finish". Awesome. Then I got word that a US mother sent her 7 year old adopted child back to Russia on a plane all alone making claims that he was dangerous and a threat to her safety, thus jeopardizing the future of any further US-Russian adoptions. Then the refrigerator started making a loud whiring noise and leaking. Then both downstairs toilets, tubs and showers backed up, I paid $350 for the plumber to say "good gracious, looks like the city's main backed up in here" only for him to come back 20 minutes later (after running a camera through all of our pipes) to say that he couldn't find a single problem. Thus I spent 8 hours cleaning 6 inches of, uh... "sludge" out of our baths and showers, and scrubbing down the toilets and floors. I used so much bleach it ate the skin off my left heel... Aidan's blood sugar is acting up, I can't reach his endocrinologist, I've left several messages. Aidan is now a week behind in school. I have been unable to pick up our adoption documents for one reason or another, all equally as "comical" as what I've already described. Our account that holds money for V's expenses decided to close without telling us, so the checks I wrote to pay for such said documents bounced. Asher has a double ear infection, his 6th in 8 months and they finally agreed to refer us to an ENT yesterday. I have an upper respiratory thing going on, my throat is on fire and this morning... my vacuum went kaplooey!

BUT-my coffee pot is working, and that is a GOOD thing! ;)

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  1. least you can laugh about it now! Just think, Darren will be home soon and by then there will be nothing left that's still working, so your problems with things breaking will be over! Have fun on your getaway!

    Totally off subject, but, did you notice that in both header pictures Asher has his head cocked exactly the same way?