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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Our mini getaway

Well, last week the boys and I took off for a mini 2.5 day vacation to Charleston. It was absolutely wonderful! We left Wednesday. The plan was to leave straight from church as I had my monthly Women's Bible Study that morning, but as usual things didn't go how I planned and we had to come home to finish packing first. We ended up leaving Columbia around 3-330pm and arriving in Charleston around 5pm. Although I drug the boys around to do some shopping and then took them to Moe's for dinner before heading to the hotel. I was dreading checking in, but it really was very simple, only complaint would be that the guy talked FOREVER telling me all about the services and ammenities, blah blah blah, as I'm watching Asher get more and more wound up and wondering how badly he'd hurt himself if he were to fall from the fireplace he just climbed up....

Anyhow, front desk man finally finished jabbering and gave me the key cards to the room, then began the adventure of carrying in the luggage for the 3 of us. Once that was all done, I got the boys in their PJ's and we made one last trip downstairs for hot chocolate and coffee. YUMMY! Back in our room, we sorted through the overpriced pay perview movies and Aidan picked out The Chipmunks Squeakuel, he and Asher got in bed together and enjoyed the entertainment. Asher LOVED the movie (I also thought it was very cute) and had to get up and dance everytime the chipmunks or chipettes sang-it was precious, and made a lasting memory for sure. Once the movie was over Asher had a meltdown-I think he realized we weren't at home, and he wasn't in his bed-that was a very unfun 30 minutes but eventually he cried himself to sleep and then I spent some time quietly surfing the internet and sipping my coffee.

Thursday morning we slept way too late to enjoy the free breakfast, but I had brought some snack and things to eat and pulled them out of the fridge. Yogurt, Applesauce and Strawberries and milk, what more could a kid want? Then we headed to Walmart for a few things to take in our bag for lunch and we were on our way to the beach. I made it there without getting lost! YAY! Parked and checked the meter for instrusctions. Okay, $1.00 an hour, so I paid $10.00 not knowing how long we'd be there and stuck the ticket in the corner of the windshield as directed per parking booth kiosk. I am sure we looked like a rather interesting group carrying our LOAD of stuff from the lot to the beach, but we did eventually make it there and in only one trip. It was a bit chillier then I had expected so I didn't get to tan, and kept my jacket on the whole time-the boys also kept their shirts on, except for the times they convinced me to take them to play in the ocean-which was just a bit too chilly. But the boys had fun nonetheless, playing in the ocean, making sandcastles, collecting seashells, chasing the super annoying seagulls, frisbee, picnic lunch... and they lasted 4.5 hours!!! I was VERY impressed! We headed back to the car and to my great irritation were greeted by a parking ticket. Whatever, I'll pay the $15.00 because it's not worth contesting, but I'm not going to do it happily. The plan was to go back to the hotel and clean up before going out, but Asher fell asleep in the car, and I knew it'd be better to wake him up to food then to bathe, so we went to Fatz for dinner, soup and salad for me, along with their sinfully delicious rolls and butter, and chicken tenders for the boys. Then we headed to the outlets to walk around, got the boys and myself super expensive cookies from the Great American Cookie Company, then got the boys both haircuts since they were in dire need of them. Then it was back to the hotel where the boys spent some time coloring and then headed to the bath. After bath and pajama's it was time for another over priced movie. There weren't that many choices I felt comfortable with, so after a few minutes we decided we liked teh chipmunks so much we'd watch it again. The boys laughed just as much teh 2nd time through and fell asleep much quicker. I again enjoyed some quiet time before falling asleep myself.

Friday morning we had a lazy and slow morning, again missing the free breakfast at the hotel, so we went to starbucks before heading to a friends house for the morning. After breakfast we headed out to see our friends, but Asher decided it would be a good time to get carsick and lost his entire breakfast all over himself and his carseat. Now, taking into consideration it was 80 degrees outside, the day had only begun, I could not get the seat completely cleaned off, and knowing Aidan and I are both very sensitive to smells..... we had to make a detour by Kmart where I purchased a new outfit for Asher and a new carseat. We ditched the old one in the Kmart parking lot next to the dumpster. Then we continued on our way. We spent the better half of the morning with our good friends we had come to know during our last year in Charleston. What a blessing to have that time, finally about 1pm we thought we should probably feed the kids so we headed to Chic-fil-a and had lunch. Jenny and I got a little extra time to visit one on one while the boys all played in the play area. Then it was time to head to see another friend. So I packed the boys back in the van and headed to West Ashley where we had a great time visiting with my friend (and former trainer) Shannon and her girls. We left about 530 and drove straight back home. Our getaway over and back to reality WAY too quickly.

Darren got home around midnight Friday night/Saturday morning and it's been utter chaos since trying to tie up loose ends with our remaining adoption paperwork and getting it sent on it's way. But that's all done, and this is Darren's last week of night shift so hopefully things will settle down here in the next week or two...

Pictures to follow in a separate post. And spell check isn't working so hush...


  1. Not without mishaps but it sounded like a perfect little getaway nonetheless! I'm sure the boys didn't mind the cool temps either!

  2. The boys didn't mind at all... only complaint was it wasn't long enough. Aidan is asking when we can do it again!

  3. Sounds like a great time! We love the Squeakqual Movie also :)