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Sunday, May 23, 2010

My 28th birthday.

Am I really almost 30?!?!? Do I really have an 8, 6 and almost 3 year old?!?!? Have Darren and I really been married almost 8 years, and together almost 11? WHERE, seriously, WHERE does the time go?
This last Friday was my birthday, and it was by far the best yet. Got up and found my sweet husband had left me a birthday message on the whiteboard in the kitchen. Cooked breakfast and when I opened the cabinets was surprised to find hidden balloons inside. Went to the gym with the boys, got a great workout in, came home, and was greeted with a beautiful bouquet of flowers that had been delivered. Played with the kids, then when Darren came home he fired up the grill to cook my favorite Salmon, which was DELICIOUS! Then we strapped the boys to the back of my bike and I hauled all 79lbs through the neighborhood and up to the elementary school-I was a sweaty mess, but it was great fun just being together outdoors. In lieu of a cake, once home from the bike ride, we drove to a nearby gelatto place and got the boys gelatto and I had a decaf skinny white mocha. Ahhhh, perfection.

Do I look as old as my kids say I am???

Enjoying Aidan and Asher watching the frog they named "Daniel" swim around the swimming pool, while my salmon is on the grill.

Since I opted not to have a cake I had to blow out the scented candle, good thing, 25 less lights to blow out.
And I got a new book to read, yay! Please ignore my incredibly messy/chaotic kitchen.

Playing ring around the rosey with Asher and the Oh Ah's before heading out for a bike ride.

Getting ready to go... oh, and the neighbor kid..... um, yea.

The boys enjoying their gelatto!


  1. Glad you had a wonderful birthday. They needed be conventional or splashy, but, imho, days filled with the people and things we love best!

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  3. No, you never age, woman! Seriously, you get more beautiful every year. And you never put on weight, and I'd say "LUCKY!", but I know you work hard to keep it that way. I wish you lived here to motivate me! And gelato looks so good, I've never had it before! Maybe I'll have to try it. Anyway, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! And I seriously can't believe we're 28. It does sound so old!