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Friday, May 21, 2010

Strawberry Farm

We went to pick Strawberry's a while ago. Actually, we went the first half of V's birthday, before the cake and balloon release. The boys throughly enjoyed themselves, did a great job picking and being gentle with the berries. We spent $20.00 and got two HUGE basket fulls (had to pay for the basket's, but it will make it cheaper next time as we can take them back and re-use) and also bought an enormous (and DELICIOUS) homemade strawberry fritter. Our berries lasted a whole week-not cause they went bad, but because they were SO good, and I'd much rather my little bottomless pits snack on fresh fruit then graham crackers or popcorn. 

Pictures from our trip to the farm

 Daddy with the boys

The strawberry's went on FOREVER

Picking with the boys

They did such a good job! 

Aidan being Mr. Independent.

Mmmm.... look at those berries! Good job Aidan.

Aidan and Daddy

Asher and Mommy

Asher and Mommy working together.

Back at home enjoying our delicious Strawberry fritter before V's birthday festivities.

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