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Sunday, November 6, 2011

I love him

What a gift God gave me in this precious child. He light's up my life!

One day Aidan, you'll understand the significance of this year. You amaze me everyday with the way you handle yourself - the way you cope. I'm astounded by your unending love, compassion and grace. You teach mommy something everyday. I am SO very proud of you.

I remember years ago,
you were so little then.
I can't help but wish,
that you were small again.
I've cried when you've faced heartaches,
and saw, that as you grew,
nothing broke your Spirit,
instead it strengthened you.
I'm filled with mixed emotions,
as I hold back all the tears
and, with much pride remember,
back so many years.
When I first held you in my arms,
if only I'd have known,
the years would feel like moments,
after you had grown.
You aren't a child,
though in my eyes,
I guess you'll always be,
that baby boy who changed my life,
and means the world to me.
-Synthia A. Sieving

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  1. What a beautiful post! :) He is growing up so fast! He is such a wonderful, handsome young man. :)