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Friday, July 23, 2010

Aidan finds out he is going to Ben Lippen

So... when we finally made a decision (and Oh, what a process THAT was) on where Aidan would be attending school this year we didn't tell him. For starters, it really looked like he would be attending the public elementary school right behind our house, secondly he really knew we wanted him to go to Ben Lippen, and more importantly WHY we wanted him at Ben Lippen, and finally HE saw both schools, meet teachers/principals at both schools, and HIS preference was also Ben Lippen. So, while we were racking our brains on how to finance a private school tuition in addition to an international adoption, Aidan was busy praying. EVERY night during our family devotions he'd pray something along the lines of "......and God I really want to go to Ben Lippen, I know they will teach me the truth, and I really like Mrs. F. I really want to go there, but God I want you to do your will and help me be happy even if I have to go to LM. Amen"

So, when Darren and I found a creative way to make it work, I ordered Aidan's uniforms without telling him. We wanted him to continue praying, and we wanted him to be surprised when he opened his package of uniforms, and get to enjoy watching the information sink in, that he does in fact, get to go to Ben Lippen.

So... for your viewing pleasure. One VERY excited young man.

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  1. So cute! He was defitnely very happy. I do so love the prayer of thanks - not to mention Asher's attempt at praying along with him! Awesome, awesome, awesome!