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Saturday, March 7, 2009


Alright, WHAT is the deal with Walmart?!?! Seriously. I have never enjoyed the whole Walmart experience... until I am home and putting groceries away. Then, and only then, when I am NOT surrounded by a bunch of people who just stand in the aisles having conversations with their entire families (seriously, I think these people bring along grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, next door neighbors) and seem incapable of moving out of your way (I, on the other hand think it glorious when (on rare occassions) I can go to the store without the boys). When I am not waiting in line to check out for an hour because there are only 3 clerks but 30+ registers can I enjoy the thought that it is worth it because I have saved money! Well, that is what I used to think anyway. But I've been noticing that my grocery bill is going up and up and up. And that's WITH us trying to cut back and back and back to save money for V's adoption costs. Darren and I have joked (although I think he might seriously begin to consider it) living off Ramen noodles and PB&J until V comes home. To further explore my current frsutration... Yesterday was payday, so we went grocery shopping. We went to this AMAZING store called Aldi, anyone familiar with it? Anyhow we got the bulk of what we needed there, chicken, fruit, kleenex, toliet paper, razors, fish, yougert, veggies, crackers, ziplock bags, jelly, salmon, tuna, spaghetti sauce, honey, pasta, potatoes, and eggs to name a few. For a total of 95 items, we spent $141.58. AWESOME!!!
Then today I made the trip to Walmart to get the things Aldi didn't have, or a few things I'd forgotten. Some of my Walmart purchases included, pens, pencils, paper towels, coffee, mouthwash, body wash, cooking spray, ground cinnamon, adobo spice, gum, envelopes, printer paper, ink cartridges ($15 x 2) splenda, soy milk, hangers, printer paper, a $5 movie for Aidan, and $1 snack for each of the boys. A total of 52 items. Wanna guess my total??? Go on, guess!


That's RIDICULOUS!!! So again, I ask, what is up with Walmart?


  1. You should check out my friend's blog - she is seriously the Aldi queen! Somehow, she is able to go to CVS or Walgreens and get money back - she is known as the 'frugal mom' - but she is very creative with ways on saving money.

  2. Thanks Kathy! I will totally check out that site!

  3. I absolutely love Aldi! It is the best. You can find most of want you need, including great produce, for much less than at other stores. Isn't it great! Hope things are going well!


  4. I'm so excited we have an Aldi store opening in our town next month! I can't wait! Lisa, you may have to teach me a few tricks!

  5. My mom swears by Aldi. I need to go but it's so far from my house. I hate Walmart!