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Monday, March 16, 2009

Lisa's day at the spa

I spent the day at a spa. I got my eyebrows waxed instead of plucking them one by one with my stupid tweezers, where someone rubbed all the worries right out of my head. Worries about financing V's adoption, about crazy judges, spending innumerable weeks in a foreign country, and passport issues. Worries about Aidan's diabetes, worries about worrying about not being with Aidan while I am at the spa in question, worries about being a good teacher and really educating Aidan in our home-school environment, worries that my time spent worrying about V's adoption and Aidan's diabetes and school leaves Asher somewhat neglected. Worries that I'll never go on a date with my husband again because there is no one to leave Aidan with... After these worries were all sufficiently rubbed away I had some kind of goo plastered all over my face, this will do something to my pores. What I'm not sure, I don't even really know what a pore is, but I hear it will make me look younger... No, wait I don't need that! I politely decline a mud bath (ewww!) and instead have a fabulous massage to release the tension I carry in my neck and shoulders. Then it's onto a haircut and color, as I am in desperate need of both, it's been over a year! I finish the day with a mani/pedi combo.... Ah, glorious!

Okie Dokie... REALITY check!
Here's what my "day at the spa" more closely resembled.


  1. Oh my goodness! I have to steal that posting idea! That is too funny!

    I couldn't find you on fb, I might have spelt your last name wrong. I'm listed as Brandi Hipps Hodges so send me a request. Yippee... another facebook friend! I'm with you...that's where my friends are! FB is my only connection to the outside world!!

  2. I LOVE THIS POST! You had me ALL the way til the end!

  3. Here I was about to envy you and then real life showed up instead. Maybe someday.