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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Look what came in the mail!

Today, after months of fighting with the insurance company, dealing with appeals and of course paperwork Aidan's OmniPod System arrived in the mail!
So, now we just wait for an appointment with his endocrinologist at the Children's hospital (he will have to be admitted and observed for a day). And then.... no more shots!!!
No more living pin cushion!!! YAY!!!

Aidan's reaction...Sooooooooooo excited!!!

In case you are wondering...
The OmniPod: a small, lightweight self-adhesive insulin pod that you fill with insulin and wear directly on your body for up to three days and then replace. The OmniPod delivers precise, personalized doses of insulin into your body through a small flexible tube (called a cannula) based on instructions that you program into its wireless companion, the Personal Diabetes Manager. The cannula is inserted only once with each OmniPod.
The Personal Diabetes Manager (PDM): a wireless, hand held device that programs the OmniPod with your personalized insulin delivery instructions, wirelessly monitors the OmniPod's operation and incorporates a FreeStyle blood glucose meter.
Fill a new OmniPod with the amount of insulin you need for up to 3 days. Each OmniPod holds and delivers up to 200 units of insulin, but you customize it to your needs. During the fill process, the OmniPod automatically primes itself and performs a series of safety checks, and the PDM wirelessly downloads your background (basal) insulin delivery settings.Apply the OmniPod to your skin. You can wear the OmniPod on your abdomen, lower back, arm, or anywhere that your healthcare provider has shown you. It adheres to your skin with the same adhesive used on popular infusion sets.Press Start on the PDM and let the OmniPod do the rest to activate the world's fastest [1] insertion and begin background (basal) insulin delivery. Insertion is fully automated and virtually pain-free! [1]

The best part for me is that while Aidan will continue to prick his finger 6 or more times a day, he won't have to get stuck with a needle 6-7 times a day anymore. The only "sticking" will be on the days we change the Pod, and the Pod does the "sticking" or inserting of the cannula for you, and it happens so quick. This is also one of the reasons we chose the OmniPod over a conventional pump, with a conventional pump you, the parent have to insert the cannula... um, no thanks, not as long as I have an option. Also, with a conventional pump if we were to go spend a day at the beach, Aidan would have to remove his pump for any water play, but the OmniPod is 100% waterproof, so he can play at the beach, take a bath and have continuous insulin flow.And what we think is going to be the BIGGEST help is the fact that with the OmniPod (a conventional pump would have done the same thing) we will be able to deliver more precise amounts of insulin. With syringe therapy the smallest unit of insulin we can administer is .5 u. But with the OmniPod will can admisister as little as .05 u which will be a BIG difference, and hopefully will correct some, if not all of the fluctuation we've been seeing recently. Yippee! Thank you God for science and Insulin therapy and the fact that Aidan is still here with us today!!!



    I am so thrilled for Aidan!!!! He has been such a brave little boy, and now his little life will get a bit easier!


    Praise God!


  3. Oh my gosh, I am sooooo happy for you guys!!! I'm so glad it all worked out, bless Aiden's little heart!!!

  4. Yeah and praise the Lord! That is such wonderful news! I am so happy for Aiden and the fact that he can get the insulin therapy he needs. Congratulations!

    Jane and Ava

  5. What wonderful news!!!!!