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Monday, September 14, 2009

It's ah-lie-vah!!!

Yea yea, I am still living and breathing. I just don't have as much free time to blog now that school has started and is in full swing. I am weeks behind in posts, although they are all crammed in my head, leaving little room for anything else. ha ha. Quiet Darren.

But for those of you missing me, thought I'd surprise ya with a little something. We've been building an ark in our garage. Yes, it's true I am now one of those "weirdo's" who has a garage but parks in the driveway... what's up with that?

The boys, Aidan in particular has LOVED constructing this thing (more about this on the school blog-eventually) and painting it too! Of course, he's our little engineering artist! Tonight for dinner the boys got to eat in the ark, which reminds me I need to go clean up the crumbs before the garage is invaded... Anyway, then they carried stuffed animals from their room, 2x2 out to the ark... so cute! Again there will be lots of pictures once I can find some time....

But tonight, for your viewing pleasure...
Ya, I asked Asher to do something, I forget what now... instead of obedience this was the reply he gave. How on earth am I supposed to do anything but laugh? Booger! Pun intended.

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