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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Labor Day Extravaganza - Day 3

So here we are... the last "big event" of our family extravaganza! The water park is actually on the army base here in town AND on the weekends it is open to the MILITARY ONLY! Admission wasn't too bad either, I think for the 4 of us we paid less then $15. Asher is a water baby, and has no fear WHATSOEVER so he thoroughly enjoyed himself. Aidan is much more timid in the water, and HATES getting his face wet BUT by the time we left he let Darren dunk him 5 times in a row with only a slight grimace. I think this was the boys favorite activity that we did. Map-quest gave us goofy directions so we had planned on arriving shortly after the park opened. However, I realized we had to stop by Target first because I didn't have a swimsuit. Don't ask-you'll just roll your eyes. So once we left Target and continued on our way we realized the directions were off, WAY OFF but by the time we could get ourselves turned around on the highway and headed in the right direction again we'd lost about an hour at the park. I think we finally made it there about 1pm and stayed until nearly 5pm. The boys LOVED it!!! I was sad to leave actually, just knowing that although we still would have the next two days together they would be spent doing "ordinary" things, like cleaning, grocery shopping, oil changes for the cars, yard work... etc. It's true, summer has officially left us and while that's always sad we're excited because it means we're one summer closer to V being here with us!

Enjoy the final slide show!

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